All photos are of actual class members

We have the most awesome workouts of all time.


Our Mission: to bring you the best, most awesome exercise that give fantastic results with a miniature time commitment.  We use state of the art exercise equipment to get it done and we hope you can join us!

Dale is great. He’s always coming up with new workouts and crazy exercises. I’ve been attending his classes for almost 2 years and each one is unique. You leave knowing that you got a great workout!
— Saundra

What We Do:

Personal Training in a group setting.

  • Intense, half hour workouts that keep us energized all day long and...

  • Make us feel amazing...

  • Burn all the calories...

  • All while having fun...

  • With supportive people...

  • and give us a strong sense of accomplishment because what we did, works!

  • The afterburner effect: keep burning extra calories all day long after our half hour fat scorching workouts

  • The Dale effect: you never know what to expect.

  • The fun effect: it's always fun, always interesting

  • The class effect: have the accountability that we all know we need.