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All about the class schedule, parking, the building and more:

Chek out all about the classes (above) or in the about class link (top of page)

Signing up for the class is easy: simply sign up for the class time that you like the most!  Once you're registered, you can come to any classes you want, at any time, one any days, all month long, with no extra charge!


To sign up by phone: 

Call (530)225-4095

And the Redding Rec employees will sign you up fast!

To sign up via the web:

Use the Redding Rec website.

Step 1: 

Click here to make an account.  

Step 2: 

Add a class to the shopping cart, check out.

Click here for access to all classes!

We have class every:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Take as many classes as you'd like!

From 6:15am to 6:45am

From 5:30pm to 6pm

and From 6pm to 6:30pm

Step 3: come to class

Step 4: win at life!

Please join our facebook group, The Sweat Squad

Are you fit enough to take the class?  

...find out by taking the fitness test...

About this page:

Tucked into the mountains of far northern California (in Shasta County), is the city of Redding. This is where Dale Maynor is a personal trainer, teaching group exercise and fitness. Dale can be found on his Facebook fan page or teaching clients and classes at the Shasta Family YMCA, for the City of Redding Parks and Rec, and more.