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Manliest Abs Exercises of All Time

Disclaimer: this article is a bit like a long drive down a dirt road with a load of chicken feed in Kentucky

It’s like an old pickup pulling a new Prius out of a ditch

These exercises are so over-the-top, so legendary, so manly, that they will:

  • Magically transform your caramel macchiato into a cup of black, bold, strong, gunpowder-camp-coffee

  • Inspire hipsters to wash all of the hair product out of their beards

  • Get you to work out in man clothes rather than your sister’s leggings

  • Get you to wear man pants (instead of your sister’s skinny jeans)

This article will cover (briefly) many of the manliest, most rugged abs exercises of all time

So if you’re holding one, put down your orange mocha frappacino, throw out your watermelon flavored, fruity-tooty pre-workout (you won’t need it any more), grab a cup of black coffee, grow your beard out, and let’s get started:

Answering some of the most…

…relevant questions

Q. How can i be more manly?


  1. Get your hands dirty

  2. Grow callouses

  3. Throw away your girly skinny pants

  4. Get a job

Q. What if I want to wear leggings and a bun while I do these exercises?

  1. Girls and women are always invited to do these exercises: in fact, challenge issued.

  2. Only strong men and women can do these intense abs exercises.

Dumbbell chest fly rollouts for Men Manliest Abs core chest intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Chest Fly + Abs Roll-Outs

Doing this exercise will make you so manly that:

  • Your coffee will always be black, even if you add creamer

  • When you travel to a new city, locals will ask you for directions

  • Your pecs will be so large that you can find them on google maps

Leaving you with just one question:

Can you literally even?

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L-sit pushups with dumbbells for Men Manliest Abs core chest intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

L-sit pushups with dumbbells

So legendary is this exercise, that after doing even 2 reps:

  • Hot sauces will be named after you

  • Your pecs will become a national treasure

  • Country songs will be written about your pickup truck (and dog)

Q. What are masculine traits?

Answer: Desirable masculine traits include:

  1. Confidence

  2. Assertiveness

  3. More Confidence

  4. Strong (yet gentle with women)

plank concentration curls with dumbbells  for Men Manliest Abs core chest intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Concentration Curls in Plank Position

Your biceps will be so solid that:

  • Your man card will be signed by Chuck Norris

  • Your beard will grow fists

  • Your fists will grow biceps

  • Liberals will ask to stand next to you when you're smoking

Q. How to be hyper-masculine?


  1. That’s silly. Just be manly without being overly-dramatic

Dumbbell Single arm Roll-Outs

This exercise is so manly, that:

  • even this sentence doesn't have a period

Your callouses will be so hard that:

  • Women will blush when they shake your hand

Basically, doing this exercise is the fastest way to grow chest hair

  • Your chest hair will be shaggier than a spanish water dog in a flock of sheep

Your testosterone levels will go so high that:

  • The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) will ask you what you’re cooking

Q. What does it mean to be masculine?

  1. To be awesome

  2. To offer something to the world

  3. To enjoy other people’s company

  4. To get after it like your testosterone levels are 1280

Dumbbell chest fly sit ups on decline bench

Dumbbell chest fly sit ups on decline bench

Dumbbell single arm chest press on decline bench

Dumbbell single arm chest press on decline bench

So much testosterone is involved here that:

  • Beautiful airline attendants will turn on the smoking sign and hand you a cigar

  • Women’s estrogen levels will double just by standing near them

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More manly than an old pickup full of Chuck Norrises

Doing these manly abs exercises are so legendary that:

  • Your wife will spontaneously grow breast implants

  • The Rock will star in an action movie about you

Demonstrating the Exercise

Warming Up before the big weights

After doing this exercise your abs will be so rugged that:

  • 4x4 Jeep Rough Terrain Tires will be modeled and shaped after your abs

Abs more striated than

  • Dune buggy sand paddles

Abs harder than :

  • Black Ironwood Cabinets

More durable than:

  • A Nokia Stick phone from the 1990’s

shoulder side raises with dumbbells IN BOAT POSE for Men Manliest Abs core medial deltoids shoulders intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Shoulders so massive that:

  • Women will stand behind (and under you) for shade in the summer

  • Your shadow will have it’s own area code

Q. How can i be an alpha male?

  1. Know what you want

  2. Get after it like a boss

  3. Repeat


RENEGADE ROWS for Men Manliest Abs core back lats deltoids shoulders intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Renegade Rows

If you do this exercise:

  • Wild animals will become tame in your presence

  • Paul Newman will give you his leather jacket

MAN MAKERS  for Men Manliest Abs core chest shoulders intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Man Makers

If you do this exercise:

  • Steve Austin will buy you two beers

  • Each the size of a mini-keg

plank concentration curls with dumbbells for Men Manliest Abs core biceps intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Concentration Curls in Plank Position

If you do this exercise, you will instantly gain such manly super powers that:

  • Every Prius will change lanes to let you pass

  • Wild horses will flock to your ranch

  • You will have a ranch

If you do this exercise:

  • Your muscles will grow their own beards

These round dumbbell sets are perfect for these exercises:


How to Get a Girlfriend


Attractive man traits:

  1. Confidence

  2. Brains (have interests that you can share because they're actually interesting)

  3. Have a sense of humor (always a plus)

  4. Tell her you like her butt

How to know if she likes you:

  1. She says: “I like you”

  2. Her mom keeps telling you to ask her out

  3. You ask if you can touch her butt and she says “obviously”


How to Be More Manly


  1. Playing video games is for bro-mance (not romance)

  2. Spending more time in the bathroom (grooming) than she does

  3. Being angry all the time

  4. Being violent

  5. Being drunk

Q. How to get savage abs?

Answer: Do all the right things and none of the wrong things:

  • Less beer, more salad

  • Less bourbon, more broccoli

  • Fewer donuts, more oatmeal

  • Fewer cookies, more chicken

  • Less soda, more apples

  • Fewer excuses, more workouts

Then: Boom!


Being Manly is a balance between:

  • Being awesome

  • and being whiney

…never be whiney


single arm knee tucks with weight plate pull up bar  for Men Manliest Abs core intense workouts Exercises Dale Maynor.gif

Helicopter Rescue knee tucks

If you want to see more

of the Manliest Abs exercises:

In these categories:

  • Body Weight

  • At the Pull-Up Bar

  • With Weight Plates

  • With Barbells

  • At the Cable Machine

  • At the TRX

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Man-Card Check Lists:


  • Carry things for other people

  • Give up your umbrella, jacket or anything comfortable for any nearby woman when it’s raining

  • Have a sense of humor

  • Know how to have fun

  • Be passionate about something that’s actually interesting to talk about


  • Eat meat

  • Be confident

  • Be assertive

  • Say no to stupid requests

  • Pick up children and play with them

  • Be strong and kind to women

  • Admire women without objectifying them

Optional (outdoors):

  • Know how to fish (fly fishing doesn’t count in most cases)

  • Know how to hunt

  • Know how to catch snakes

  • Know how to make and feed fires

  • Be over prepared

How to lose your man card (in the city):

  • Ordering a shirley temple in a biker bar

  • Watching Romantic Comedies by yourself

  • Wearing capri pants

  • Borrowing your sisters pants

  • Filming someone in danger (rather than helping)

  • Overcompensating for insecurities

Optional (indoors):

  • Have a hobby that helps other people

  • Have a hobby that requires you to make things with your hands

  • Play a musical instrument

  • Know how to defend yourself

  • Spend time making your family happy

How to lose your man card (in the great outdoors):

  • Bringing skin care products

  • Crying because it’s scary

  • Applying chapstick when it’s not winter

  • Whining (about anything)

  • Getting drunk and going home early because of your irresponsible hangover

  • Being under prepared

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