The Ultimate, Complete and  Definitive Guide to Flattening abs (for women)

The good news: You can have flat abs again. You were born for it. Your abs can recover after pregnancy and, with the right:

  • Exercises

  • Food plan

  • Stress plan

  • Sleep

  • Water...

...And fun, you can have abs that make you happy. 😊

how to get flat abs for women

How to get flat abs

Even after having babies

And look like you were never pregnant

Disclaimer: a lot of articles promise flat abs but deliver just basic (and boring) exercise stuff.  This article will cover (briefly) (almost) everything I know about getting flat abs. So grab a cup of hot de-stressing tea, take some deep breaths, …'s about to be crunch time.

Lets get started:

All of these and more are in our program for women, FSC 21

ANSWERing some of the most…

…common questions

Q. Which exercise burns the most belly fat?

  1. A combination of: HIIT Training and Cardio (more on that, below)

Q. How can i get my stomach flat fast?

1. Take great care to do the perfect balance of HIIT and Steady State Cardio training every week. More about these, below (in the exercise section)

2. Do eat chicken salad, fruit and drink lots of water

3. Don’t eat naughty foods like cookies, cupcakes and beer.  Bad! Naughty!

4. More on this, below

Q. Do planks help get a flat stomach?

  1. Yes but only if you do them correctly (shown in the exercise section, below)

Q. How to get a flat abs without exercise?

  1. Four parts: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are good for you, avoid the naughty foods listed below, check out the waist shrinking protocols (below) and do fun exercises that trick your brain into thinking its not exercising (and we are having fun  instead)

Q. How to get a flat stomach overnight:

  1. Step 1: Getting flat abs requires motivation, inspiration and heart: start by getting motivated.  

Step 2: Flat abs takes a lot of fun work in the kitchen. Learn to cook (and enjoy) healthy recipes

Step 3: Start the perfect flat abs exercises right now (and have fun while we do them together)

Step 4: Give yourself more than one night…it's a super fun journey and we can take that journey together!

Q. How to get toned, tight stomach, a smaller waist and a bigger bum

  1. Two ways to get a bigger bum: cupcakes make everything bigger (not recommended); also, we can crush it in our workouts in the gym.  The best way to get a bigger ass is to get that ass moving!

Q. Are flat abs genetic?

  1. Yes: Flat abs need

    1. Exercises to hold everything in the right place

    2. A few lifestyle tweaks to burn off the pooch and muffin top

    3. Exercise and diet to burn the fat calories covering the abs

  2. And you have the genetics to do all of that.

  3. We all have the genetics to have flat abs, with enough fun effort

Q. How to get flat abs without trying

  1. We get flat abs the same way we get money: working for it.

how to get flat abs overview.png

How to get flat abs

It’s a balancing act

How to get flat abs

In this article I'm going to show you :

…and lots of fun other things.

Here are the answers you are looking for:

(in a nutshell)

exercise for flat abs list program how to get.png


For Flat Abs

Do these (above) and rock it like it’s summer in Cabo.

how to get flat abs nutrition for women list.png


For Flat Abs

Do these (above) and maybe go to Cabo.

Here are the exercises:

exercises better than crunches .jpg

Exercises better than crunches

Hard to believe but its true

Exercises better than crunches.

Crunches are a great upper abs exercise. Period. But for flat abs, we also need to work the lower abs and a core muscle called:

the Transverse Abdominus

…as well as a few other things.

We need exercises better than crunches to work those muscles so we can have the flat abs of our dreams.

Do crunches and these exercise for the ultimate win.

tummy vacuum core exercise shrink waist transverse abdominus.jpg

Best waist shrinking exercise on the planet

The Stomach Vacuum Exercise

Best waist shrinking exercise on the planet:

This exercise is real waist training: like a corset but better.  

How to perform:

  • Start by lying on your back.

  • Breathe in, then breathe out.

  • Hold your breath out (for about 8 to 12 seconds)

  • Fully relax your abs, then…

  • …pull your belly button down towards the floor and hold there

  • Bonus points if you squeeze your side abs (obliques muscles) a little

This exercise trains the waist muscles to hold everything in the correct place: it’s super effective especially when you do it a few months after having a baby, after surgery and when you work at a desk.

Common questions about this exercise:

  • No, it doesn't burn

  • Yes, it works better than crunches (at shrinking the waist)

Pro tip: Do this exercise whenever you have time. (for the extra benefits)

how to get flat abs reverse crunch exercise for lower abs rectus abdominus.gif

Best ab flattening exercise on the planet

The Reverse Crunch

Best ab flattening exercise on the planet:

The Reverse crunch exercise

This exercise trains the lower abs to hold the … you’ll see.

How to perform the Reverse Crunch:

  • Lie on your back

  • Keep your knees bent (see picture)

  • Flatten your back against the mat (super important)

  • Lift your feet off the floor (while holding your back flat against the mat)

  • The better you get at this exercise, the harder it becomes (to a point)

  • Lower the feet back down

  • Repeat 10 to 15 times

  • Bonus points if you lift your butt off of the mat

  • Double bonus points if you smile while you do this exercise

  • Triple bonus points if you lower your butt (and feet) slowly and under control

Pure Magic.

This exercise trains the rectus abdominis muscle to hold the pelvis where it's supposed to be, thereby flattening the abs. Or you can say it works by magic: in either case, it just works.

how to plank for flat abs.png

The perfect plank exercise

The plank exercise works the ABS really well, but a perfect plank works them even better

The perfect plank exercise

Done as per the picture.

Beginners should plank on their knees (rather than their toes) and hold for up to :20 to :30 seconds

Everyone else should plank on their toes (and hold for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes)

The most amazing plank exercises are all in our Fitness Super Charger program for women, FSC 21

dolphin push-ups plank better than the plank arms shoulders exercise.gif

Like the perfect plank, but better:

Fsc 21

Like the perfect plank, but better:

This exercise is called the: Dolphin Push-Up.

I put these exercises into our program, FSC 21, and into an upcoming mini program: the best for abs exercises (and nutrition Tips) on the planet: stay tuned!

Buy FSC 21 to get these

best cardio exercises for flat abs.jpg

The best cardio

For Flat Abs

Cardio: best way(s) to do cardio for flatter abs

HIIT training provides the best of all worlds:

  • Saves us time

  • Saves our abs

  • Amazing benefits

The FSC 21 program is a double pyramid, fat blasting, belly slimming modernized HIIT training workout program. It gives us:

  • The afterburner effect

Which is a scientifically-proven way to obliterate fat faster than any other method…something everyone wants.

HIIT training speeds up metabolism more:

  • During the workout

  • After the workout

  • For up to Forty-Eight hours

So we continue to burn off belly fat even long after the workout is over.

HIIT workouts are:

  • Short (generally less than 30 minutes) so they save you time

  • Tough (but you're tough)

  • Don't require much equipment

  • Work every muscle and joint in the body

  • Provide amazing results

And once you get used to them, they're lots of fun. So lets HIIT it up.

The Intense 6-Pack Abs Workout has HIIT training built right into it: with abs workouts that torch fat.

nutrition for flat abs orange fruit how to get flatter waist.jpg


How to get flatter abs with food

Nutrition for flat abs (for women)

Balance our fats: this usually means if we reduce our fats, we can get the goals we want. Women only need about 37g of Fat per day but a Big Mac has 33 grams, so that’s why it’s so hard to get flat abs.

Q. Are fats bad?

  1. No but we still can’t have too much if we want flat abs.

Q. How much water do i need?

  1. 8 glasses per day, minimum. Especially if we want flat abs.

Q. How much Fiber do i need?

  1. Women need about 37 grams per day, but a Big Mac only has 3.5g which is why it’s so tough to have flat abs.

Q. What is the best food for flat abs?

  1. Chicken Salad. Hands down.

Q. What are the worst foods for flat abs?

  1. Donuts. Definitely donuts. More on that down the page.

Q. What are other great foods for flat abs?

  1. Many of those can be found in our Fitness Program

Find recipes and more tips in our program FSC 21, and stay tuned for our up-coming program: how to get flat abs without exercising.

lifestyle and habits for flat abs.jpg


and habits

The healthy lifestyle boils down to these things:

  • Sleep

  • De-stressing

  • Getting moving

  • Happiness

  • Love

  • Kindness

  • Habits

And they all help us get flatter abs, (through hormonal effects primarily).

Meal prep doesn't take any extra time, it actually saves time: and it saves our waist line. The real secret is getting momentum: the more we do it the better we get AND it’s always worth doing.

More on meal prep in our program, FSC 21

destressing for flat abs cortisol hormones.jpg


Reducing stress hormones for the win

Everybody needs a stress plan

To be correct, we each need a de-stressing plan. Stress hormones prevent us from reaching our goal weight by blocking weight loss (scientifically shown: it’s all over google in the research literature).

Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, blocks weight loss but cortisol is easy to beat with daily habits.

  • Cutting back on energy drinks

  • Getting more sleep

  • Deep breathing techniques

  • Self care

  • Spa Days

  • Replacing bad stress with good stress

  • Eating healthy food

  • Drinking enough water

If this seems overwhelming, consider buying our FSC 21 program: everything is organized into daily De-Stressing Challenges for us to do (and enjoy- some of them are super fun). FSC 21 has daily stress reduction tips that will change our lives and also explains why cortisol is so good at blocking belly fat burning hormones.

self love for flat abs.jpg

Self Love

All love starts with self love

You have many talents. You have a dream. It will take time, but it’s worth every step you take towards that dream and I hope you take all the time for you, that you can and that you need.

loving others for flat abs.jpg

Loving others

It just feels good

And in this case:

It releases hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes that can help reduce fat everywhere on the body, especially belly fat.

Plus the world needs more love.

So there (tongue sticking out emoji).

worst things for the abs.jpeg

Worst things for the abs

Beer is why hipsters can't have sweet abs

Worst things for the abs:

  • Cookies, cupcakes, donuts, candy

  • Over eating

  • To much fat (especially for women)

  • Not enough fruit

  • Great wine or great abs: we only get one folks

  • Beer is famously bad

  • Coffee might be bad (jury’s out)

Q. Is salt bad for the abs?

  • Believe it or not, this is actually a funny (and controversial) question.

  • Fact: eating very bad foods (such as halloween candy) can cause serious bloating

  • Fact: drinking beer can cause so much bloating that I literally can’t even

  • Fact: lots of foods can cause serious bloating that lasts 2-3 days

I have never experienced bloating from too much salt, but I only eat it on chicken salads, salmon and the like.

Some people say salt bloats them.

I think salt is safe and junk foods cause bloating.

Go figure.

Fun fact: women need less salt than men.

best things for the waist line flat abs core weight loss.jpg

Best things for the waist line

Here is the recap you have been waiting for

Best things for the abs:

  • The right foods

  • The right exercises

  • The right lifestyle

  • De-stressing

  • Love

Q. How to get flat abs fast:

  1. Do all the right things and none of the wrong things:

Then: Magic!


Getting flat abs is a balance between:

  • Good things (like salad)

  • and Bad things (like donuts)

How flat our abs get is entirely dependent on how balanced we are with our diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Thanks for reading!

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