Simply the best: Exercises for Skiing and Snowboarding

Balance, strength, endurance and more

The Ultimate Guide

Final thoughts and commentary

Snowboarding and skiing are obviously incredibly fun winter sport activities; they also come with some risk.

when you perform the exercise is shown on this page with good form and perfect posture, those risks are reduced somewhat but it's up to you to do these exercises correctly.

I recommend you bring this article to your favorite personal trainer and hopefully they help you to perform the exercises safely and with good form.

it might also be smart to check with your doctor to see if these exercises are safe for you.

Best wishes!

Cheers! :-)


How to do the exercises

Watch the Gifs

Read the instructions.

Don’t get hurt.

Bring it like a boss.

Key phrase: don't get hurt

Be safe, and ..

..have fun out there!

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