The Ultimate Guide to Ball Exercises for the Abs

Medicine balls

Swiss / Stability ballsS

SMALL (pilates) balls

Straight up ballin’

The Good news, you can get the best abs of all time if you:

  • Choose the best exercises (shown below)

  • Get after it (in your workouts)

I am offering the best abs exercises that also:

  • Tone and strengthen the arms

  • Train the glutes

  • Work the chest (weight training for the abs)

  • Burn more calories

  • Ignite our metabolism (to burn more fat)

and have abs like we dreamed of.




medicine ball abs adbominal core exercise workout crunches with straight legs.gif

How to do these exercises

For amazing results

Step 1: Find your exercises (pick at least 3)

Step 2: Do the exercises (bring it like a boss)

  • 8 reps (times) for a normal workout

  • 15 reps for a hard workout

  • 25 to 30 reps for an intense workout

  • 2 to 3 sets of each exercise

So grab your water bottle, yoga mat, and exercise balls, it's about to get sweaty

(all of this equipment can be bought here)

Lets get started:

Answering some of the most…

…common questions

Q. Are exercise balls good for abs?

  1. Answer: Absolutely incredible

  2. All types of exercise balls are incredible for the abs, arms and legs and with the right exercises (shown here) our abs will show from our efforts.

  3. Medicine balls have some of the best (and most standard) abs exercises: like crunches, boat pose and more

  4. Swiss balls have some of the most challenging (and functional) exercises (and some amazing exercises for beginners)

  5. Pilates balls (a.k.a. small balls, a.k.a. abs balls) have some of the simplest looking, yet deepest abs burns of them all

home workout and exercises for the abs Pilates Ball Spin.gif

What is in this article

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In this article, I’m going to show you the verdict: The best ball abs exercises for…

  • For cardio

  • For women

  • For men

  • The hardest ball abs exercises

  • For beginners

  • For the lower abs

  • The Best Ball Stretches

  • About the different kinds of balls

Best abs Exercises (for also getting Cardio)

Abs + cardio: much to love

Q. Do medicine balls help lose weight?

  1. Doing the right weight loss, fat burning, cardio + strengthening exercises is what we must do in order to lose fat with a medicine ball. These Russian Twists (shown below) are an excellent cardio exercise because they work the arms, abs, shoulders, hips and more: even the chest (pectoral) muscles.

medicine ball russian twists abdominal abs exercise core workout with big overhead arc.gif

With a Medicine Ball

Best Cardio Exercises

Russian Twists with big arc

Your abs will thank me for this exercise

Q. What’s the secret to burning belly fat?

  1. Hard work

  2. Clean eating

  3. Healthy lifestyle

  4. An intense abs workout program

stability ball swiss ball home exercise functional core workout knee tuck with shoulder taps.gif

With a Swiss (Stability) Ball

Best Cardio Exercises

Ball Knee tuck + Shoulder Tap combo

This functional core exercise:

  • strengthen the arms

  • build lean muscle

  • burn fat

  • get a six pack

  • burn calories

  • lose weight

with these cardio + abs exercises

small exercise pilates ball oblique home abs workout side crunch knees to elbows.gif

With a Small (Pilates) Ball

Best Cardio Exercises

Side Crunch with knees to elbow

Fat cells better watch out

pilates ball small exercise ball core workout abs 6 pack exercise at home for women Figure 8s in Boat pose.gif

With a Small (Pilates) Ball

Best Cardio Exercises

Figure 8’s

Light your abs on fire with this exercise


On fire 🔥

Q. How do I strengthen my core with exercise ball?

  1. Try these two exercises (shown above): the figure 8’s and side crunches with the elbow all the way to the knees

Best ball abs exercises For women

Arms, abs and glutes

abs glutes exercise combo 6 pack butt workout at home for women knee tuck leg lift on medicine ball.gif

With a medicine ball

Best ball abs exercises for women

Arms, abs and glutes: who could want more?

Plank hold with Knee-Tuck Leg-Lift combo (with hands on ball)

  • Strengthen and tone the arms, shoulders chest and more

  • Get ripped abs

  • Work them glutes (butt)

  • With this one incredible exercise

home 6 pack ripped abs core workout gym exercise plank stability Knee tucks on swiss ball.gif

With a Swiss ball

Best ball abs exercises for women

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Lower Abs all Day

Swiss ball knee tucks work the

  • hips, abs and arms

  • with killer cardio, and

  • waist shrinking benefits that we don’t want to miss.

Flatten the abs with this exercise

small ball core abs abdominals 6 pack at home workout exercise crunch twist knee to elbow pilates ball.gif

With a Pilates ball

Best ball abs exercises for women

Abs and hips

Crunches with ball behind back and twisting knee to elbow or hand to foot

Q. How do I strengthen my core with exercise ball?

  1. This crunch (with knee to elbow) is guaranteed to strengthen your core all day

Best ball abs exercises for men

Abs, chest and more

stability Swiss Ball Atomic Pushups core workout abdominal 6 pack abs exercise at home for ripped abs arms and chest.gif

With a Swiss Ball

Best ball abs exercises for men

Chest and abs in one exercise

Atomic Pushups strengthen the arms, chest and core

  • Build stronger pectoral muscles

  • Build lean muscle in the arms: triceps especially

  • Destroy your abs

  • Shrink your waist

spiderman pushups on a medicine ball knee tuck oblique abs side abs muffin top triceps toned arms strong chest at hoome workout for men.gif

With a Medicine Ball

Best ball abs exercises for men

Challenge issued: try it

Medicine Ball Spider Man Push-Ups

It's like a one armed pushup: especially Savage.

Doing this exercise, you'll:

  • Instantly get your man card

  • Wild animals will become tame in your presence

  • Your chest will be built like slabs of rock hard granite

  • Your beard will grow thicker

Q. What do exercise balls help with?

  1. Better (and flatter) abs

  2. Weight loss

  3. Getting steps with your Fitbit (try these exercises)

  4. This exercise (shown above) helps the arms, chest, abs and more (Spiderman pushups: try it)

alternating pushups on pilates ball for men ripped 6 pack abs home workout chest exercise gains.gif

With a Pilates ball

Best ball abs exercises for men

Ball-hold triceps push-up

Do this exercise if you want to:

  • Drive your partner crazy (with amazing abs)

  • Be so ripped

Beginners: do it on the knees

Pros: on the toes!

fun idea: try holding plank with both hands on the ball (and knees in the air)

Hardest ball exercises for the abs

standing abs rollouts on swiss ball stability exercise core plank arms triceps chest workout for men challenge.gif

With a Swiss Ball

Hardest ball exercises for the abs

Standing straddle stance abs roll-outs

Only pros can do this

Try it and you'll see

alternating leg lifts toes on medicine ball in plank workout abs core abdominal exercise for ripped 6 pack abs triceps toned arms strong shoulders and chest at home challenge workout.gif

With a Medicine Ball

Hardest ball exercises for the abs

Feet on ball leg lift plank

Do this exercise, and:

  • You will magically lose 8 pounds

  • Your muscles will look amazing

  • You'll probably be too good looking

Q. Are body weight abs workouts effective?

  1. Only as effective as the exercises that are included in them

  2. This Plank Leg lift (with our feet on the medicine ball) works like gangbusters

  3. Keep doing it until you have ripped, washboard abs

knee tuck leg lifts toes on medicine ball balance core workout challenge exercise for ripped 6 pack abs deep v cuts at home for bad bitches strong women badass.gif

Even Harder

Hardest ball exercises for the abs

Knee-tuck leg lifts (with one foot on the medicine ball)

A.K.A. Plank Skateboarders

No promises, but if you do this exercise long enough (and hard enough):

  • People will ask you about your arms

  • People might admire you while you do this exercise

Cardiovascular training and strength training in one exercise: and amazing abs!

spider triceps exercise for women with a pilates ball for the core abs abdominal workout.gif

With a Pilates Ball

Hardest ball exercises for the abs

Spider Triceps exercise

(into rotated plank)

No boring exercises here:

  • this exercise is an eclectic mix of 4 different exercises.

Basically, it’s a challenge exercise: can you do it?

This exercise conditions the upper body.

If you’re looking for pilates ball exercises for beginners, they are below.

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Beginner Ball Exercises

Q. What weight medicine ball should I use for abs (for women)?

  1. Usually 6lbs is a good starting point for Women: lighter is better for beginners, heavier is better for more advanced

  2. Most Women usually settle down with an 8lbs medicine ball

Q. What weight medicine ball should I use for abs (for men)?

  1. Usually 10lbs is a good starting point for Men

  2. Most Men usually settle down with a 12lbs medicine ball

for beginners workout pilates ball Crunches exercise with small exercise ball behind back.gif

With a Pilates Ball

Beginner Ball Exercises

Crunches with ball behind back

This is an excellent beginner exercise as it:

  • Supports the low back

  • And is comfortable

All exercise ball ab workouts for beginners should have this exercise included, at least some of the time: it’s good.

Most Pilates balls are 9” these days, however, some are smaller (usually older models)

abs workout for beginners medicine ball Crunches exercise  with knees and feet up at home core workout.gif

With a Medicine Ball

Beginner Ball Exercises

Crunches with knees up

This is an excellent beginner exercise, not because it's easy, but because it isn't easy.

These crunches with knees up works the abs from top to bottom (rectus abdominus)

Q. How do you do an abs with a medicine ball?

  1. Hold it in your hands and do crunches. Doing crunches with the knees (and feet) up is how you do an abs even better. :-)

Q. What is the best medicine ball workout for beginners?

  1. The best beginner workouts give you amazing results: they’re challenging (but not too tough), they’re progressive (meaning they can be easier when you are a beginner and get harder as you get better at doing them)

  2. Try my Intense 6-Pack Abs Workout (if you’re ready to get amazing results)

swiss ball stability plank abs exercise for beginners core workout at home kneeling rollouts.gif

With a Swiss Ball

Beginner Ball Exercises

Kneeling Abs Roll-Outs

The easiest way to get a six pack: try it.

Q. Do Ab balls work?

  1. Very well: try the Swiss ball rolling outs (shown above) and you can feel it working

swiss ball crunches.gif

Swiss Ball Crunches

Beginner Ball Exercises

Bonus Beginner exercise: Swiss ball crunches

If you are looking for an easy abs exercise that also feels great (and works great), these Swiss ball crunches are one of my top picks.

Q. Are Swiss ball crunches effective?

  1. Swiss ball crunches are an excellent beginner exercise

  2. They are excellent for posture: allowing us to go deeper than normal into the crunch

  3. The are an excellent warm up exercise for our abs workouts

Q. How to lose stubborn fat?

  1. Be stubborn about getting in your workouts

  2. Work extra hard

  3. Eat extra good / clean eating works like magic at losing the stubborn belly fat we all hang on to

Best ball exercises for the lower abs

lower abs exercise for women Reverse Crunch with pilates ball between knees 6 pack abs workout at home for beginners.gif

With a Pilates Ball

Best ball exercises for the lower abs

Reverse Crunch with the ball between the knees

Works the lower abs.

Can make them flatter than Kansas.

lower abs workout at home abdominal core workout with medicine ballRussian Twists Feet.gif

With a Medicine Ball

Best ball exercises for the lower abs

Russian Twists (with the Feet)

This exercise works the:

  • Lower abs (Rectus Abdominus)

  • Hips (Psoas muscles (major and minor), also known as hip flexors)

  • Arms (a little bit)

Q. Are medicine ball workouts effective?

  1. Medicine balls can be used to work the entire body

  2. We can do amazing abs exercises during our core workouts

Q. What medicine ball exercises work the arms and the abs?

  1. Try the Russian Twists with the ball in the arms (shown above)

6 pack abs workout at home for men lower abs mini pikes on swiss ball.gif

With a Swiss Ball

Best ball exercises for the lower abs

Miniature Pikes

One of my top picks for lower abs exercises, this exercise provides dramatic results.


Pair this exercise with excellent nutrition, and: 6-pack abs.

Click here to read The Ultimate Guide to Flat Abs (exercises, nutrition and more)

  • Lose belly fat the right way

  • Your belt will thank you

These URBNFIT balls are awesome for these exercises

Best Ball Stretches

medicine ball thoracic abs stretch at home.gif

With a medicine ball

Best Ball Stretches

Like child’s pose.

Stretches the shoulders.

pilates ball lumbar stretch low back core.gif

With a small (Pilates) ball

Best Ball Stretches

Low back stretch.

Don’t do this stretch if it hurts.

It’s absolutely fantastic for our posture!

swiss ball stretch childs pose forward fold stability ball.gif

With a Swiss Ball

Best Ball Stretches

This is a pleasant shoulder stretch (and thoracic spine / posture stretch too)

Q. Can bouncing on a ball help you lose weight?

  1. You’d be better off doing the beginner abs exercises shown here

swiss ball backbend stretch yoga pilates bridge stretch.gif

The Back Bend Stretch on a Swiss Ball

Best Ball Stretches

Don’t do this stretch/exercise if:

  • You get dizzy when you look up

  • It hurts your back

  • You have wobbly balance (could fall on your head)

This exercise is fun, relaxing and an excellent stress-reducing exercise.

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Exercise balls can add a lot of exercises to our abs workouts.

Pick the best exercises for you, and:

  • Bring it like a boss

If you’re looking for a complete program, with more than 100 different exercises, consider purchasing the Intense 6-Pack Abs Workout program (shown here). It comes with Workout Videos, an animated abs workout program with amazing fat loss exercises and more.

Q. How to get amazing abs:

Step-by-step intense abs workouts for 6 weeks

Many fun and challenging exercises (None of them are boring)

Lose belly fat for six pack abs the right way.

Get firm abs.

Do these abs workouts at home, at the gym or almost anywhere (even on vacation).

No easy exercises: it’s a killer abs workout

Each workout is 12 minutes long (plus a quick warm-up and cool-down)

  1. Do the right abs exercises

  2. The right abs workouts

  3. Do cardio like a boss

  4. Eat like a pro

Then: Magic!


Getting … is a balance between:

  • Good things (like salad, smart exercises and workouts)

  • and Bad things (like donuts and being lazy)

How sweet our abs are, is entirely dependent on how balanced we are with our diet, exercise and lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can go a long way towards shrinking our waist line.

Thanks for reading!

About this page:

I have endeavored to showcase the best ab exercises with all kinds of exercise balls:

  • Medicine balls ab exercises

  • Pilates Exercise balls ab exercises (also called small balls, bender balls, yoga balls)

  • Swiss balls ab exercises (also called Stability Balls and Gym Balls)

I have shown these here in an attempt to show the exercises in a different way than the exercise charts that come with the balls: while those are excellent and awesome, animated GIF’s and videos are differently awesome.

Pair this page with the:

  • exercise ball workout charts

and have an excellent workout, get fit, stay fit and enjoy some of the abdominal exercises that everybody should be doing.

About Dale:

Tucked into the mountains in far northern California (in Shasta County), in Redding CA, Dale Maynor is a personal trainer teaching group exercise and fitness in Redding California. Dale can be found on his Facebook fan page or teaching clients and classes at the Shasta Family YMCA, for the City of Redding Parks and Rec, and more.